1. Capitalism has shit to answer for.

  2. Sometimes people do good.

  3. Tell me more about how you were unaware innocent Palestinians were murdered or how 7 volcanos erupted in a single day last week.

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  4. As someone who failed out of the school system because it failed to meet my needs and engage me effectively I have always loved this quote.

    It’s in the best interest of capitalists to ensure that education isn’t the best it could be. Educated minds, those taught to not just accept the world around them, they often aren’t in favour of unrestrained capitalism that perpetuates inequality and injustice.

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  5. "

    Paul Walker died today…

    but last Tuesday 3 Palestinians were shot dead, on Thursday morning at five am, the Israeli army demolished a house under construction and confiscated 1,5000 acres of Palestinian land, the next day 14 houses were demolished and 2 Palestinian civilians were killed, a Palestinian teenager died Thursday after she was unable to pass through an Israeli checkpoint on the way to the hospital during a medical emergency, 2 Palestinian protestors were shot dead trying to bring attention to the death of a Palestinian child at an Israeli military checkpoint, a 4 year old was detained in Jerusalem, a 13-year-old child was deprived of water and food for 18 hours while being detained in an Israeli prison… that’s just Palestine.

    9 killed and 30 critically injured by Obama’s death squad on a school bus in Syria… I don’t even want to think about what’s going on in Afghanistan, Burma, Yemen… so many countries going through so much trauma yet they don’t get a mention in the media, they’re simply not newsworthy.

    "What’s going to happen to Fast too Furious now?!", a movie doesn’t comprehend to the thousands of lives being lost with absolutely no reciprocation.
    An attractive actor dies and the world goes ballistic though.

    — Kay Ali
  6. It is this shit that is and will ruin our world.

  7. Fast food corporations are blaming the obesity epidemic facing the Western world on “eroding consumer restraint.”

    I disagree. I’d blame it on the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns that these companies (and others) are using to sell their unhealthy products. These campaigns are engineered to trigger chemical responses in our brains that create emotions such as desire and hunger.

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  8. "Too many of us now tend to worship self indulgence and consumption."
    — Jimmy Carter

  9. Addition is not the answer.

    I love the logic that by somehow adding something to an individuals perceived flaws, you can somehow become something else. In the case of make up, that outcome may very well be ‘beauty’.

    A great example would be pimples, you put a specially concocted lotion on your skin and it will stop pimples from happening. Or instead, you could just avoid eating greasy foods and that might help.

    You don’t need to add ‘products’ to your life, you need to take them out. And in doing so you can be a healthier, happier human.

  10. Unfortunately, capitalism is so innate in modern society that we define ourselves by the things we buy, how much they cost, and the branding associated with it.

    Fuck that! I hear you say… “No I’m different.”

    Capitalism wants you to be different, it encourages you to be an individual… But make sure you do it by buying our brand of shoes.

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